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67: Quarantined 4 with Robert Robbins

Ack and Kiz are social distance podcasting once again. This time they welcome onto the show former Cubs minor leaguer and Frontier League veteran, Robert Robbins. The three of them discuss their adopted KBO teams and all the goings on in Korean baseball along with discussion of the latest COVID return negotiations and Rob’s experiences at Driveline and in pro baseball. On today’s Baseball Reference Page of the Day, they talk about Eric Thames. Hooray Sports!

62: Hot Stove Season

Image result for carlton fisk white sox collar

After an agonizingly long layoff, the public clamoring for the return of Pop Flies and Grounders paid off! Ack and Kiz return with the 62nd installment in the series and discuss all the things that happened since they last convened. The Nats winning the World Series, the Astros scandal, and most importantly…an active Hot Stove Season! The Hall of Famer and original Pudge, Carlton Fisk, is today’s Baseball Reference Page of the Day. Hooray Sports!

61: Remembering 9/11

Image result for mike Piazza 9/11Ack and Kiz return for Episode 61 to discuss the Christian Yelich injury (bummer), the award races, and the playoff hunt in both leagues. Later on, the guys discuss the 18th anniversary of 9/11 and the baseball connection with it from 2001 and to this day. Fittingly, Mike Piazza closes things out in Baseball Reference Page of the Day. Hooray Sports.