All-Star Week for Mets Fans

Warning: what you are about to read may cause extreme sadness.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, these all star festivities suck as a mets fan. I wish there was a more elegant way to put that, but after hours of thinking, I cannot come up with one. Perhaps under different circumstances I would be able to look at Conforto flourishing as a great sign of things to come, but not this year. This season was sold to Mets fans as “the year we’ve all been waiting for,” and it seemed as though the promised land was finally within reach. Yet, here we are at the mid way point in the season, and not one of the mets starters from the now infamous round table was in Miami this weekend (the case could be made that degrom deserved it). I’d like to take a brief moment to focus on who was there:

Daniel Murphy – .342/.393/.572

Justin Turner – .377/.473/.583

Michael Fulmer – 9-6 with a 3.19 era

While Fulmer was an understandable trade, it is painful to watch Murphy and Turner absolutely tear up the league. I certainly don’t root against these guys, but they both appear to have made it their mission to bury the Mets at every opportunity. Well, here’s to Fire Sale Season!

P.S. If the Mets can just get healthy and with that rotation, think about the potential for next year!